Rowdy City 


Rowdy City (Hip-Hop Group)


Origin: Bridgeport, CT,

Genre(s): Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B

Years Active: 2010-present

Label(s) Independent

Booking Agent: Raising The Barr Agency Group

Official Members: ReadyRockDee, Rowdy860, Teezy Money, DJ Superior, Tu$hay, and The Late HD

Rowdy City is a international Hip-Hop SuperGroup consisting of rappers
ReadyRockDee, Rowdy860, Teezy Money, and the late HD. They are
currently operating as an independent force in the music industry.
Currently managed by Superior (MHE) and represented by Raising The
Barr Agency Group LLC. They have released two independent studio
albums as a group, as well as multiple solo independent albums amongst
each other.

Rowdy City has made appearances on 15+ USA national and International
tours and have opened for major artists like Snoop Dogg, DMX, Lloyd
Banks, Raekwon, Cam'ron, Dipset & many more while also headlining
their own shows. Inspired by great crews like Wu-Tang Clan, ONYX, Mobb
Deep, G-Unit, Dipset, & The LOX, Rowdy City is poised to be the next
great crew to hit the Hip-Hop Scene. Rowdy City shares many of the
same traits with these greats. They exude unique energy performing
live in concert & promise a great show. With their growing popularity
and the success of their impressive music catalog, they have been able
to secure mass amounts of tour dates increasing the groups fan base
and demand across the world

Discography (Rowdy City)
- WildN 4 Respect (2015)
Includes 14 tracks with production from in house producers Tu$hay,
SDB, and Mojo. Also production from various upcoming producers.

- Smoke On Site (2018)
- Includes 11 tracks with production from in house producers Tu$hay, SDB.

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